In 2006, when the success of my debut novel, Beneath a Marble Sky, allowed me to become a full-time writer, I decided that my work needed to do more than help support my family. It needed to support the people who inspired my novels, as well as the causes that were near and dear to my heart. In short, if readers were going to sustain my dreams, I had a responsibility to share my good fortune.

In recent years, I’ve tried to raise money and generate publicity for groups that I believe in, groups like Children’s International Summer Villages (, Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation (, and the Arbor Day Foundation ( Though my novels, millions of readers around the world have been introduced to these organizations, prompting significant donations and partnerships.

Personally, I’ve donated a percentage of the proceeds of my novels to these groups. So, please know that if you’ve purchased one of my novels, or told a friend about my work, that you’ve helped contribute to noble causes.

Thank you so much for your continued support.

Best wishes,

John Shors Signature